Monday, June 30, 2008


Oh, thank goodness we are home!!!! After driving 1420 miles with four children, a husband, a travel trailer and three, yes three, flat tires, there is no place I would rather be! :) There are a ton of stories I could tell, but, to find the time to type them all out will never happen. So, I will let the pictures do the talking, they are worth a 1000 words! ;)

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

These boots were made for walkin'....

Now, the sun is shining, the sky is bight blue, the temperature in almost 72, what shoes would you wear? Flip-flops, sandals, maybe a sneaker, or even go barefoot but no, no one would wear rubber boots on such a nice day, unless they are named Kamryn. Her new favorite footwear is her red ladybug rubber boots with NO socks. Oh, let's hope she grows out of them fast, I do not want to smell them at the end of the summer.

Two Wheel Fun....

Last night Kayla came running into the house yelling for me. Usually this means someone is hurt or something is broken, but this time the yell was an excited one. Kade was riding his bike without training wheels, whoo-hoo! Now, last spring, yes over a year ago, the training wheels on his bike had broken and not wanting to take the time or money to by new ones, Kade was told he would have to now ride a two wheel bike. He was not very happy about that, he loved bike riding and didn't want to learn a new way of riding it. But yesterday, out of the blue, he picked up his bike, hopped on and took off! Whoo-hoo again!

How does your garden grow.....

The veggie garden is sprouting up, still keeping my fingers crossed that we get a vegetable or two from it, it will be a waiting game! ;)

Bubba's Bean

Kade has had this wonderful bean growing in his windowsill since he brought it home from pre-school. He checked on it morning and night, watered it and encouraged it to grow, he is so proud of his little bean. We recently went to the farm store and bought a bag of the best garden soil there, brought it home and ever so carefully planted Kade's bean in the garden. Now Kade visits his bean in the garden, he doesn't have to water it, the sprinklers have taken over, but he still encourages his bean to grow, waiting and watching, to see what the little seed he planted so long ago will become.

Splish, Splash, Hey someone is in my bath!

Getting to take a bath in our master bathroom is a rare treat in our house. As you can tell from the pictures, Kami is lovein' every minute of it.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

HI AUNTIE JEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We love you Auntie Jen, messy faces and all! :)

Sister, Sisters, we never more devoted sisters...

Ah, I LOVE that song from a White Christmas. I hope it will become these little ones "theme song."

Our Graduate....

We are pleased to announce that our son Kade has graduated from the four year old pre-school program on Tuesday the 9th of June 2008. Now, this isn't all that grand of an event this year, since we decided a few weeks ago to hold Kade back a year, being a summer baby, we thought it best. So, after the songs were sung, the verses were recited, we learned that our little man we are holding back tested out at 6 years 5 months! After weeks of contemplating whether or not to hold him back, I got two hold weeks of feeling confident in our decision, only now to have this fact dropped into my lap! We are still keeping our decision, I still think another year to mature is best, I just hope he doesn't get too bored with school.

Monday, June 9, 2008

Naked Baby Alert! Naked Baby Alert!

Poor little Kori, a diaper rash has taken over, it crept-up all the way to her cute little belly button. :( So, under doctors orders, she gets to "run" around the house naked, twice daily.
This has become her favorite activity, rolling around with no clothing must be an exciting adventure for an 8 month old. She must have been yearning to burst from the confines of her pajamas and swaddled blanket for some time. Maybe she cooked up this diaper rash so she could be come a nudist.