Tuesday, October 26, 2010

The "I'm Three" Party

Can you guess how old she is????????

A tisket a tasket, this pumpkin is too big for my basket!

I packed the kids after school last Wednesday and headed out to get pumpkins before the bad weather set in.
It was a gorgeous fall afternoon and there were pumpkins galore!

After weighing the pumpkins, all the kids wanted so if they weight more!

Monday, October 18, 2010

Operation Bye-Bye Binky

Now that little Miss is three, I decided that she has held on to her binky for a year longer than she should have and it is time to say good-bye!
So, this morning, I cut the end off of it, she cried, she yelled, she even threw a few things, but after a hour long fit she laid down and took a good look at her bink.
After a good long examination, she decided to use it.
and proceeded to cover up that fact.
A few hours later she threw it in the trash, and then pulled it back out again. :(
Hope to be binky free by 10/20!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Oh, my, how can it be......our baby is now three!

She is my last born.
She is the youngest of the four.
She will always be my baby.
She is fun, lovable, and beautiful.

And now she is three, Happy Birthday Korinna.

Monday, October 4, 2010

ahhh, tweens......

Meet my tween.

She is fun, energetic, and smart..... and maybe a bit too much like me

I have to say, entering the tween word is a whole new roller coaster ride!
Time to hold on and try to enjoy it!


We had great seats and it was a GREAT game!

My feet on the field!

and, yes, that was us on tv....but you had to look fast!

Game time.....

With the Winter Hawks!

Robert and I headed out with the two oldest to enjoy our first hockey game.

We had some fun figuring out how to say their last names, any guesses here?

Saw a fight of two......had to explain how it is ok to shout 'fight, fight, fight' at a hockey game to my son......but not in everyday life.