Thursday, September 17, 2009

Lesson Two....

Lesson 2 Aperture
Closed Aperture
Cannon Rebel
50mm lens, ISO 100, f1.4
Open Aperture
Cannon Rebel
50mm lens, ISO 100, f22

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Kami's First Day of School......

She was not to into the first day photo session......
But, she sat still for me!

Headed into school.

Her cubbie.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Guess's the 12th!

1. Well, Kayla is gone on a camping trip with her took a pic of her room, since I can't get one of her!
2. Finished up the day folding laundry.
3. Started the day with a full pot of coffee. Someone from a 504 area code call at 6:10 am!!!!!!!! This was the day I was going to 'sleep-in', guess someone had other ideas for me!
4. This is Kori saying "cheese"!
5. Kade with his goofy smile.
6. Just bought new playdough and the colors are all mixed already. Looks pretty.
7. Kade's meds......$119.00 for that bottle, they better work at that price!
8. The kids picked flowers out of the back yard and 'planted' them in this sad looking house plant.
9. Playdough play time.
10. What I pick out of the garden today.
11. Kami was having a hard day today.
12. Well, she started out in a playful mood, but it went down hill from there.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Back to School for Me Too!

Well, kind of...I am taking a photography class and this weeks lesson in on shutter speed.
Fast was with 1/4000 and 1600 ISO and slow was 1/10 and 100 ISO.
I learned how to adjust my ISO this week, so the class is paying off already! :)

Back to School

Monday, September 7, 2009

My child always uses her manners. My child always uses her napkin. My child takes small bites, chews and swallows before taking another. Well, one can dream......

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Beach Trip....

This last week we headed down to the Oregon coast, stopping at the Aquarium, before we played in the ocean.

Kori had a lot of fun in the little 'touch and feel' pool they have set-up.

The jelly fish were a great hit with her also.
The fish were better at posing for me then my kids, one of them even LOOKED at my camera, my kids couldn't do that for me this day! :)

Kami was fascinated by this tank.

When we got to the beach, the first thing Kori and Kami did was strip naked!!!! :0 This was their first trip to the beach (I know how awful, the beach is only an hour away!) so I think they thought it was one big bath! Kori took a break to eat some apple slices.....then soon learned that if there is sand on your hands, there will be sand in you mouth too.

Kami took to drawing in the sand......see the beautiful design she did....
Kori's bum got covered in goes everywhere!

Kayla and Kade an huge fun in the water, it was a great day, warm and no wind...perfect for a day at the beach.

At the end of the day I wanted a nice photo of all the kids to remember this great day....well this is what I got, when will I learn that four kids and a good photo is not a good combination!