Monday, August 11, 2008

Where have we been....

Kori and I just got back from a visit to Dallas Texas. We had so much fun visiting with friends, enjoying the sunshine (not the heat and humidity) and Kori learned some new things too. First was the fact that air travel can make teeth appear! Yes, Kori got her 8th tooth on the flight to Dallas. She flew wonderfully, like she was meant to be way up in the clouds, at least on the way there! The flight back was a turbulent one, which did not simulate her jumperoo, like I hoped it would! :(

Kori also tried broccoli for the first time, as well as french fries and loved them both. She enjoyed her first time in a pool, she even found a way to slip her hand in between the floats to be able to splash around. One of her friends taught her how to do "downward facing dog", which is only one step away from walking, I am sure it will be right around the corner.

Above all we both had a wonderful time visiting with friends and enjoy our time together.

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Stefanie said...

She's getting so big!

What a fun trip to take with just her!! How special is that?!!! Great idea.

Are you going to make it next week? I hope so:)