Sunday, November 1, 2009

6weeks does Halloween!

You got to LOVE Halloween...right! ;)
We carved pumpkins on Friday night

Kori cleaned her pumpkin out all by herself

and made a hat too!
Kayla and Kade cleaned out and carved their pumpkins this year. Kami thought the whole thing was "yucky", so Robert cleaned it out and I carved a happy face per her request.

On Saturday...costumes came out about 4 pm

Kayla with her friend who spent the day with us.
Kade went to the OSU game, so he had to hurry home eat dinner and rush to get his costume on...I had to stop him at the door to get a pic, he was not to happy with me for coming between him and all the candy out there!

All our ghostly ghouls!
and thier treasure!

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