Wednesday, November 2, 2011


We here at 6weeks take our pumpkin picking very seriously, we must inspected each on thoroughly.
 By the end of the afternoon, all 4 kiddos had picked the perfect pumpkin.

 The girls enjoyed a snuggle with daddy on the hayride out of the pumpkin patch.
 Korinna had picked out a 50's girl costume a few weeks before Halloween, then changed her mind and decided on a witch costume, then the day before Halloween she changed her mind again and decided on being a princess.  I hope this is not the start of a new trend!
 Kami was going to be Disney's Jasmin, but changed to be a cat when Kori wanted to be a witch, thankfully she kept with the cat. 
 Kayla was a zombie beauty queen, it went well for her performance of Thriller her dance group preformed downtown.
 Kade was a mighty secret ninja.

 We enjoyed a beautiful, cold night of trick-or-treating!
 With great scary houses.....

 and wonderful neighbors!

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