Monday, December 1, 2008

It's WAR.....

Ah, the Civil War game, Beavers vs. Ducks, we have home advantage.
Dressed to cheer our team on.

Kayla's first college football game.
My Dad, Robert, and Kayla

My Dad, me and Kayla
Oops, got the photos reversed, a Beaver fan parachuting into the game...

Here he is coming in to the stadium.

The sun always shines on the Beavs!
Game Time!!!!!!!
Kick off.

Crazy College Kids! :)
Gooooooooo Team!

Elvis Lives!!!! and he is an OSU fan!

Ok, well we got spanked, I mean it was embarrassing! :( But, it was fun family time and we will do better next time. Oh, yea, the ducks still suck! (he-he)

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jc said...

Lynn--you've got to change the font color of the photo captions. That dark blue-gray is unreadable on the red background.
Glad you enjoyed the game. Shame about the outcome.