Saturday, May 17, 2008

Can you say OUCH!

It was a beautiful sunny day here in Oregon, and those do not happen all that often, so I packed up the kids and off to the garden center we went. We were surrounded by every plant imaginable, flowers, green foliage, and yummy vegetable starts. The kids were being great, helping push carts, picking out veggies to plant, saying they would eat those vegetable, it was a mother's dream trip! And then we came home.

I excitedly unloaded the car, the kids were in good moods, they would eat the vegetables from our little garden (can you tell I am still on cloud nine over this) they were out front playing nicely, still a mother's dream. I took a hanging basket from the car and hung it on a post that I had put into the ground the night before. Well, the weight of the basket was pulling the post forward, so I grabbed a great big huge rock to place in front of the post to hold it up right. It was heavy, so I set it down and went to slide it into place, oh and how I slid it, right into the rock on the side of our house smashing my poor little thumb in between them! Ouch, yes, OUCH!

And that is where the dream ended, as soon as I yelled oh, ouch, oh the kids went to crank town and Kayla and Kade instantly started a fight over the scooter, Kami went to get buckets of water from the pond and pour them over the new veggies we just bought and Kori started to cry, I soon discovered that she had a very messy diaper. Now, I am barely able to speak, my thumb hurts so bad, it literally hurts to breath. Which makes no sense at all, but it's true. I some how managed to pull the whole chaos from outside to inside, sent the two oldest to their rooms and discovered that you need a fully functioning thumb to change a diaper.

Even when you are hurt, you never get a break from being a mom. There are fights to break up, messes to clean, lunches to be made, and even stinky diapers to change. But, no one said this was going to be easy!

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