Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Korinna's Dedication

On Mother's Day I awoke early to the eager faces of my two oldest daughters. Kayla excitedly handed me a gift bag with a beautiful jewelry box made out of Popsicle sticks creatively colored with markers. Kamryn, who was with her, gave me a quick kiss and hug, I am guessing every day is mama's day to her. Kade, who kindly slept in, gave me a wonderful hand-made card but the best gift was the look on his face when he gave it to me, he was absolutely beaming with love and pride. Oh, I will cherish the little face forever!

Not only was Sunday Mother's Day, but it was also Korinna's dedication at church, sooooo wanting her to be a happy little camper at the dedication, I fed her a few times before we left the house. Now, that may have been one to many. Once I got her out of her overstuffed car seat (poofy dresses and infant car seats are NOT a good match) she proceeded to spit-up and spit-up some more. I started to have horrible images of projectile vomit flying from her and hitting the poor people in the front row! Or worse, the pastor! I frantically started the back pat and the knee bounce in hopes of getting everything out before worship ended. Thankfully, we avoided any flying puke during the dedication, yeah! Kori added a few ah, oh, b-b-b, and blew a few raspberries and desperately tried to eat a page from the Bible, but other than that, it went off with out a hitch!

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