Saturday, May 17, 2008

A Tale of Two Feet.....

Little girls love to play with dolls, they play house, mommy, and big sister with them. Little girls love to play with dolls, it's natural, but what happens when you give a beautiful seven month-old girl a doll...does she love her, play house, mommy and big sister with her?

Oh no, that would be too normal, too ordinary, for this household! No, when our beautiful little Korinna was given a little doll to love, she proceeded to chomp down on that little dolls head with all her might. Becoming bored with the round head of that baby doll, she moved down to her feet and chomped away with delight. Why chew on your own toes when there are others around to munch on! So, now when little Kori becomes bored with her own two feet, you will find her rolling around the family room seeking out her dolly's toes to munch on.....I wonder how long it take for her to bite them off.

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